zone time

zone time
The local time in a given zone. The earth is arbitrarily divided into 24 zones, each 15° wide. The standard meridians of the zones are removed from Greenwich by multiples of 15°, with the extremities of all zones bounded by 7.5° east and west of the standard (central) meridian. Each zone keeps the local mean time (LMT) of its standard (central) meridian. The LMT of each zone differs from GMT (Greenwich mean time) by one hour, or multiples of one hour. The Greenwich meridian is the reference or starting point for the zones. The GMT is kept in zone 0 (i.e., 7.5° W to 7.5° E). The zones are numbered 1 through 12 east and west of Greenwich. The easterly zones are negative and the westerly zones positive; the zone numbers are the correction in the hours to be applied to the zone time to obtain the GMT. Zone time + Zone number = GMT, or Zone time = GMT – Zone number. Many zone boundary locations differ from the above for political and economic reasons.
Zone time.

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